Coucals Garden

The two acre garden at Coucals is a hillside bush garden which has been landscaped using a local sandstone to retain imported soil and mulch.   Exotic plants from temperate, tropical and sub-tropical climes have been integrated with the native gums and smaller trees. A variety of gardens at different levels have been created to display the huge variety of plants forming garden rooms which are linked by meandering paths. The borders, ponds and terraces are flanked by huge trees and backed by shrubs, with the perennials and bulbs completing the picture. Gazebos and seating areas, allow the visitor to stop and take in the ambience of this wonderful garden.

Coucals Gardens opens to the public on specific days for charities and community groups and will also open to groups of 10 or more by appointment

Contact details: Jan Flanigan: phone: 0732010439

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Address: 8 Belah Street, Mount Crosby

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