Garden Comments – Viola’s Patch

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To Viola and Neil, Sorry my email is so long in coming to you… but it has been on my to-do list since my husband and I brought my parents to your open garden.  We had an absolutely wonderful day with you on the Sunday – we stayed for morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea!!! (A big thanks to the lovely ladies from Soroptimists!).  It was just the loveliest day!  We loved the workshop by Viola and the guided tour.  All four of us left your garden that afternoon so inspired, motivated, and excited to get into our own gardens!  What you have achieved at your home is amazing!  Viola you speak so well and have SO much knowledge – don’t be nervous at all because you convey your knowledge in an understanding and interesting way and we were all so keen to listen and learn from You! Thankyou for being so generous in opening your garden to us.  Hope you are both well. With sincere thanks, Sally .

Letter from Alan  received 12/5/2015

Dear Viola & Neil

Just a reflection on your Open day – what a wonderful collection of gardening people, but most of all what beautiful hosts. Your kindness, generosity and willingness to share are to be commended. You and your garden bring about a sense of joy and peace. You have worked very hard establishing your haven and to your credit it has allowed many others to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

My wife, daughter and son-in-law appreciated the extraordinary day we had with you. From all of our hearts thank you.

P.s. I have written a small poem.

“Viola’s Patch”

Roses are red violets are blue

Gardens made beautiful

Because of you

Your garden inspires peace of mind

A jewel in the crown

A treasure to find


Memories are best

As when there wrapped in love

And in your garden

Surely is blessed from above


Just to have good health

And a garden

Nothing else should we mind

For god has given us everything

Of course with his love entwined

Kindest Regards Allan